LAMB: It was with a heavy heart that I marched you into ‘Just Cuts’ this afternoon and choked back the overreacting-mother tears as they snipped off your golden tendrils. I knew this day had to come, the half-hour of brushing, tears and “sorry sweetheart” everyday was getting too much for both of us. With Fox coming any minute/hour/day now I decided that now was the time to take action – although, I’m starting to feel like I’ll be the first woman in history to be pregnant forever.

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  1. Absolutely stunning photo!! I so understand the nightmare that is brushing. Our little ones locks are super curly and it's a mission to keep them well maintained. I'm not ready for the big chop yet though.

  2. Aw, she looks adorable. Just enough to ease the struggle but not enough to have regret.

    Believe it or not, I googled "how long is the longest someone has been pregnant" toward the end of my pregnancy. Everyone told me the second one comes sooner and yada yada yada… Not. The. Case. I was due July 9th with Van and he came on the 23rd. I was thinking he could come early, even the end of June, so that's an entire month of saying "any minute/day/week"… Being overdue has been the worst part of both of my pregnancies. I can handle the physical nuisances, but the emotional turmoil at the end?… I don't handle that well. Hope you're doing okay. Sending encouragement and validation your way!

  3. Lamb was 6 days overdue but everyone said that your first one is usually overdue. I was the same, I was thinking that Fox could come early so it's been so much worse, especially because he hasn't been growing and the midwifes are a bit concerned about him. I wake really early every morning and cry because I realise I'm still pregnant, then I poke him and If he doesn't move I start panicking because they have told me to be extra aware of his movements in case my placenta stops working. I just want him out so I know he is alright.

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