Repacking my hospital bag and feeling a little apprehensive today. 2 days to go but I still haven’t given up hope. Head down, bum up Fox!

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  1. oh my heart is all squishy for you about little fox flipping around like that. I know that my doula had me scrubbing our wooden floors so that my second one would fall into the right position. Apparently when your tailbone is up in the air, it helps provide (in theory) a little extra room for them to descend correctly. So I spent loads of time reading in that position as well (on my bed on "all fours" with my butt up in the air & my back angled down). Perhaps it could help? But don't do anything without checking with your midwife first. I know there is some reflexology out there with theories on getting baby back in proper position -but again -check with midwife. so sorry. but sweet baby boy comes soon! happy dance overall! xo

  2. Oh, I'm just getting all caught up (we were out of town). I hope little baby turns, but ya know, it is what it is. You'll do great either way. It's so hard, I know, to relinquish the control and accept the fact that they all chose to come whichever way THEY seem fit. Neither of my birth plans went as planned and both times it was a smack in the face. There's a link to both of their stories on my main page if you want to read em'. I remember I read birth story after birth story in my last few weeks (I was late both times). Keeping you in my thoughts! xo

  3. I love this series, and the snippets of your home. Gorgeous door!

    Oh Fox, head down please! K, did you know that you can request a natural cesarean where Fox goes straight onto your chest and you're not separated during recovery? Not many people know about it and it is only possible for planned c-sections – worth asking though.

    You're in my thoughts x

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