LAMB: You found this photograph today at your Aunty’s house. I explained to you that it was a picture of Mummy when she was a little girl not much older than you are now. You looked at me skeptically as if I had just told you that elephants like to cross-dress and dance to techno music. Yes, it’s true, I was young once too. It’s strange to think that in your eyes I’m the ‘grown-up’, the responsible one, the one with all the answers. In many ways I don’t feel a day older than the child in that photo. Larger photo

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  1. You captured such an emotional thing with a great image here. The girl you have created considering the girl you once were. I love the details you seem unable to get wrong: marvellous dress, easy-going curls, retro fan. The blues in the picture of you mirroring her blue flowers. Lovely.

  2. It's a nice illusion for them to have, to feel like your parents are always in control and that you're utterly safe so long as they are around. I'm just worried that I will stuff that up for her and she will see how scared and inept I really am.

  3. I'm sure every parent has your same fear. Thankfully, I don't think they're that bright ๐Ÿ˜‰ They're dumb enough to think we have it all together for quite some time; Until the teenage years, when they think they know everything. I know I have it coming to me, I was such a rotten teenager. And, anyway, you clearly have it all together. You seem like a very loving mama.

  4. Lily used to look at me like i had 5 heads when i used to tell her that i too was once little. now she tells me stories about when she was a big girl and i was a baby in her belly. lol

  5. oh, i love everything about this pic! the colours, the vintage fan, lamb's curls! perfection ๐Ÿ™‚

    my little girl isn't so puzzled by the fact that mummy used to be a little girl, but much more so by the fact that "grandpa is mummy's daddy!'. Got quite a few incredulous laughs out of her when I first told her that ;p

  6. This photo you will cherish when she is older. Maybe one day she might take a photo of her little child holding this very shot.

    Oh and I am in LOVE with her dress.

  7. I feel the same way! I often think of my parents who always seemed to in control, so wise..must have been as confused as I am some times with this whole parent thing, just muddling along! xx

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