LAMB: You have always been a little bit on the quirky side, slightly left of centre, dare I say eccentric.  I cannot express how much I love this about you. There are moments when I feel I’m getting bogged down in the tedium of everyday life but you always surprise and delight me by doing something unexpected. I look up from my mountain of laundry to find you staring at me with a toy fish poking out of your mouth, or you spontaneously stand up on your chair during meal times and break into song. Often, you decide that this whole walking forwards thing is far too conventional, you like to exit a room backwards, often while rolling your arms and singing (this one usually ends with a loud bang and a sudden influx of tears). I suppose some mothers might find your creative behavior a cause for concern. Me? I couldn’t possibly be any prouder of the little person you’re becoming.

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  1. hehe love it! My daughter is a bit like this – as kooky as they come and I LOVE it! I love seeing their crazy little personality develop 🙂

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