Likes: Avocado, rock pools, fish and chips, big slides, sleeping in Mummy’s bed, avocado sushi, tea parties, ice-cream, grapes, Hamish the dog, doing things by yourself,  pretending to wash your hair, playing with your bestie, avocado on toast, fireworks (sort of), swimming, avocado.
Dislikes: Cockroaches, going to bed, having your hair brushed, putting your head under the water, sitting in your pram, walking (unless it’s to where you want to go), things without avocado on them, having your hair washed, getting dressed, fireworks (sort of).

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  1. My eldest loves avocado but my youngest can't stand it. Recently I've started making raw chocolate treats with avocado in it and my little one just devours them – last night was a raw chocolate tart with coconut, avocado and dates. Mmmmmm.

  2. This is gorgeous love how she looking into the photo! That funny about the avocado my youngest love it but then I did have one everyday I was pregnant so maybe thats why lol !

  3. ha I used to give Wilf so much Avocado when we started to introduce solid food, and he did eat it but the amount he threw on the floor! Avocado's are so precious its the one thing that got to me, ha!
    Beautiful pic x

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