FOX: Your sister found this birds nest last week but now its yours. You have started playing well together lately. You will indulge Lamb in her make believe worlds and generally follow her convoluted instructions as best you can. Conversely, however, your competitiveness has gone up a notch. I don’t know if this is a phase or a sign of things to come but it is driving me crazy. It’s gotten to the point where you will fight over something neither of you actually want to do but you’d rather die than let the other one do it first. In the mornings when we are finally ready to leave the house you will cry and complain because your sister gets to open the door (apparently opening the front door is just the most amazing experience in the universe). You will shut the door again just so can open it yourself. Every single morning. Then of course, there is the fight over who gets to close the door. Not to mention the fight over who gets to check the mail. The fight over who gets to press the button at the lights first. The fight over who gets to press the button at the lights last. Plus, it seems as thought every single one of Lamb’s sentences begin with “But muuum, why Feo gets to (insert any number of mundane things here) and I don’t?” I don’t know whether to be diplomatic about it, which never seems to work anyway, or to just let the two of you fight it out. The funny thing is, when your sister goes to school next year I know you will be counting the seconds until you get to see her again at the end of every day. Siblings.

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